OSFFC OVERVIEW and Legislative Update

May 16, 2024 - OSFFC Overview And Legislative Update
Oregon State Fire Fighters Council President Karl Koenig and Legislative Director Alan Ferschweiler start the discussion with a 10,000 foot view of the OSFFC and then go into more details on the latest legislative sessions. The second part is where they talk about some of the recent wins for PERS members. Enjoy.

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The Oregon State Fire Fighters Council maintains an active legislative program, and is funded through monthly per-capita assessment.  The legislative program of the OSFFC deals with issues concerning labor and working families with a focus on Fire Fighters issues.   Education and Activism are the primary tools used by the legislative staff to meet the goals of the legislative program and of the OSFFC.  We stress involvement in local government as well as state politics.  The OSFFC in conjunction with the IAFF, sponsors an annual educational seminar in January  to help local affiliates and their members become more involved in government.  We work to help ensure safe working conditions and retain reasonable wages, hours and benefits. 

The Oregon State Fire Fighters’ Political Action Committee is a specialized part of the OSFFC legislative program.  The purpose of the OSFFC PAC is to fund political action and lobbying on issues of importance to Fire Fighters and labor.  Funds come from direct donations by members and friends of the OSFFC.  Plain and simple the OSFFC PAC supports candidates that support Fire Fighters and opposes Bills and initiatives harmful to the safety and livelihood of Fire Fighters and their families.

Please read the following letter to our members from President Koenig and Legislative Director

Ferschweiler regarding the 2024 Primary Election

2024 Primary Election- OSFFC endorsement list

Sep 12, 2005

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