PERS new AEF Tables for 1/1/2016
Updated On: Nov 04, 2015
Just wanting to pass on some new PERS information, and note the great job PERS staff has done helping get this information out and having the actuaries provide this information.  I am hopeful that in the future with continued improvements to the PERS online calculator and other technological  improvements; members will have even greater information available to them in order to make an informed retirement decision.  I know that Executive Director of PERS, Steve Rodeman along with his senior staff like Marjorie Taylor also share this vision, so I think we should acknowledge there efforts as well.
Obviously, while this is good news, this is just another reminder of why it is essential that the OSFFC continue to stay involved in the legislative and political process and continue to have people like Pat West serve on the PERS Board as well as continue efforts and presence at the Capitol are critical if we are to continue to protect our members and their families, and to help realize retirement security now and in the future.


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